Hello All,

I thought I'd had better pen a wee note regarding a few points contained in this web site.

Climbing is a dangerous activity and we all know the consequences of getting it wrong. In Orkney there are no rescue facilities, mobile phone reception is at best "hit or miss" around parts of the coast line and due to the lonely nature of some parts of Orkney you may wait a long time for someone to happen by. When sea cliff climbing on routes where the only access is by abseil, it is worth remembering that most of the routes in this site have seen minimal ascents, and in most cases they have only been climbed once. In time and repeat ascents, grades can change with differing opinions, abseiling into the unknown to climb a route at your limit to find it's harder can be a harrowing experience.

Most of Orkney is working farm land, consider farm land access when parking in even the most remote locations. Most land owners view climbing activities with mild bemusement and have no problem with access to their land, seek permission before crossing any fenced fields, if possible.

Some of Orkney's sea cliffs are home to millions of nesting sea birds. Most of the climbing areas in this site are more or less bird free due to the steep exposed nature of the rock. Standard rock being the exception with a huge colony of sea birds living on it's landward face in June and July. If you happen upon any nesting birds on your travels be warned both Puffins and Bonxies are highly territorial and will attack if you approach their nest. Arctic Skua's spit semi digested fishy oil at the slightest provocation and it is very unpleasant. Best advice is to steer clear of any obvious nesting birds for their sake and yours.

Where I have mentioned in-situ gear, I have tried to date when it was placed. Any fixed gear becomes untrustworthy very quickly in a salty environment, treat all in-situ gear with great caution. It is good policy to assume there is no fixed gear when stack climbing and to take some disposable tat with you.

Any way, apart from that there is lots of good climbing on the islands, just watch the tides and have fun.

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